Francois and show you how it’s done!

Our favorite French pornstar and our favorite French website have teamed up to show you how it’s done! Check out more at

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  1. André
    André says:

    Hi, folk 😉
    it’s a shame that i could’nt see the video =(
    but i’ve sure that it’s good, and it’ll help a lot of guys to protect themselves.


  2. André
    André says:

    Me again!

    Seems like every day I have to see you on web! =]
    I watched, right now, a videoclip on youtube, wich title is “Reverse” or something else. It’s so funny. You’re really amazing, guy. I want moooooore, gimme more!!! hahahaha
    When you came to Brazil, don’t forget to call me.
    Bisou. (I hop to learn french before it!)

  3. Frank
    Frank says:

    Hi Francois………

    wooooow….. cool that you make a vid like this to show the people how to use it on a cool way….
    fantastic, that you have done this…
    your great.!!!!

  4. roku from SF
    roku from SF says:

    Dearest, Francois and TITAN…

    Well done and Thank u x 3!!!

    and to ppl… That simple! ike Mr.Sagat just show us…
    So,… Be SAFE Please!!! and HAPPY HOLIDAY!

  5. EJ
    EJ says:

    Very cool Francois, Love the fact your doing a PSA for safer sex…Keep up the good work!!

    Kisses from Texas.

  6. afan
    afan says:

    ammazza che sleppa…
    Hope that condom didn’t go waste :).
    You are such a bad boy to made me nasty even under christmas :).
    Joking apart…funny and well done (maybe a little too explicit for a Tv spot).

  7. alex
    alex says:

    Bravo François, c’est bien que tu ai fait ce spot. Espérons que ca fasse réflechir certains, merci

  8. Aladin
    Aladin says:

    Super ce spot ! Ca montre bien que tu es bien autre chose qu’un objet de tous les fantasmes mais bien un être doté d’une âme …. MERCI

  9. Mo
    Mo says:

    Hey Francois,

    Your putting a condom and even make that so hot & sexy, Great little video !!

    Hope the condom was put to good use 😉

  10. Gerardo Armando
    Gerardo Armando says:

    hola francois me da mucho gusto que apoyes el uso del condon y solo quiero decirte que eres mi actor porno preferido haaaa tambien vi una actuacion tuya en una movie SAW VI magnific te mando mi admiracion y un fuerte abrazo eres el mejor saludos Gerardo A.

  11. stvan
    stvan says:

    Francois, quiero decirte que eres el hombre más hermoso que he conocido, y me da mucho gusto que tú estes de acuerdo con el uso del condón.
    Solo espero que algún día pueda recibir un saludo de tu parte.

    Muy buen video.

  12. frankie
    frankie says:

    Only wish that it could run on USA TV….know that your effort will save lives…safer sex is hotter sex…merci Francois!

  13. Nudiste
    Nudiste says:

    Bonjour François ,
    pourrais-tu poser nu dans les rues de Barcelone ?
    La municipalité de Barcelone a autorisé la nudité dans les rues de la ville depuis plusieurs années .
    Plusieurs personnes s’y promènent nus . Tu pourrais en faire autant en prenant la pose devant les monuments principaux de la ville et en te promenant nu au milieu des gens

  14. Frank
    Frank says:

    Dear Francois
    first of all i wish you a merry merry christmas, and a happy new year…
    the year is going to the end,
    and now i will post my best list fav. video art clip from you

    on the first place: the dog clip, cause your dancing was great and so unbelivible (and i like the music in it)
    on the 2. place: the cat clip , cause i like your feet 😉
    on the 3 place : francois is shopping in a halloween store -nice that you take us with you- it was so funny. 😉
    on the 4 place: the condome clip, cause its a funny side how to show us, to do this.

    on the last place: the clip: “when i was young” from xtube, cause no bodybuilder talks about it, and you SHOW it

    sooo i wish more exited and funny and interested art clips from you in the next year.
    your fan:

  15. André
    André says:

    It’s look like I’m having a deja vu! Where are the posts I’ve received by mail?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear! =]

  16. simjahel
    simjahel says:

    muy buen promocional contra la enfermedad del VIH te felicito francois, sigue asi. Habria la posibilidad de recibirlo por email?

    saludos desde Colima, Mexico.
    Feliz Año
    tu Fan: Simjahel

  17. juanes
    juanes says:

    Quiero esa varita mágica para mi y … también Francisco Sagat estas como quieres cuando se va a dar el vuelton por Colombia?
    Suerte parcero y repito que delicia de macho


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