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  1. alex
    alex says:

    Ca me rassure, je vois que tu sais te servir d’une machine à laver, alors je peux te passer des vetements mais si tu as besoin j’en ai une de 7 kg, plus grande avec beaucoup de vibrations à l’essorage, lol. A+
    Au faites, est ce que tu donnes des cours pour apprendre à être aussi sexy lors de la lessive??

  2. RUDI
    RUDI says:

    Hi Francois,
    have you seen my artwork with you?
    I have sent it to your E-mail adress as a JPG-Format.

    My E-mail adress is something with “lopako”!
    So it is no junk-mail.. do not delete it.


  3. Andre
    Andre says:

    Hi, love

    I was missing your posts! Its good see an actualization (again). Please don’t stop.

    Big Kisses

  4. Andre
    Andre says:

    It is getting better and better, =]

    I need to know where is this place, ’cause I have a lot of clothes to wash!!! I hope you share it with me 😉

  5. Glen
    Glen says:

    Is there a reason that all I hear is techno music and yet he is talking/singing but no vocals from him? What a waste if that is intentional.

  6. Frank
    Frank says:

    Hi Franocis
    hmmm, you have a wonderfull voice… ( i hear it in the clip you brush your teeth ) you sing a song from tittney hehe.. so why you dont sing in the clip?
    We have seen you naked, we have seen you fucking /get fucked, dancing ,playing in a movie, singing (more from dancing and singing)
    what will you do next?
    by the way, everytime, i hear the new song from SANDRA TETE A TETE i must think about you cause the french vocals i think… pehaps a nice song for you????
    greetings from germany (the bad bad guys, hehe)

    JANORM says:

    Have to agree with EJ. That is the first for me too. Never in my life have I been so turned on by a guy washing chothes. You take the meaninging “Getting Clean” to a whole new erotic level! I’m always turned-on by French Vocals. What a combination. Hope you do more in the future! Ta! Ta! Avoir! NJMJr!

  8. Frank
    Frank says:

    Dear Francois(.)
    today ive seen (germany) saw 6…..i was so exited to see you in the movie… im so sad, you got only a little role in it..only for 30 sek. shitt… but you looks so cool in it, and you have a nice german voice (synchro)
    and im so proud to tell my straight friends, that our gay porn god francois plays in that movie.
    Im so proud of you, hope to see you more in blockbusters.
    greetings from germany


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