Francois gives good Head

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  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:


    either you’re tired of seeing your tattoo everywhere, or you’re getting a little tired of “fame.”

    yeah, I don’t know. I know I usually have something good to say mais c’était juste bizarre. lol!

  2. Frank
    Frank says:

    hmmmm, what could i say???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    nice tattoo….but you know this…
    but the vid is cool made it,
    so go on…. francois(….)

    JANORM says:

    Yes! I’ve heard of Heavey Metal but this goes way beyond that genera! Difinitely different! Awsomely antagonistic! Contritely confusing!

  4. EJ
    EJ says:

    It’s almost like a Max Headroom kind of clip….I like it….I hope you continue to make your film clips…You seem to have a talent and style all your own….Very imaginative and artsy.

    Kisses from Texas

  5. frankie
    frankie says:

    so sexy as ever. Love to see a scene where a hot mysterious guy sprays his load all over your scalp!
    Have you done any new designs for t-shirts for FADE?

  6. Matte
    Matte says:

    Francois! I’m watching Saw 6 RIGHT NOW, and I had to click the pause button cause… I saw you! 😀 your hot head will never be missed by my eyes 😉 but actually I’m very surprised, I didn’t expect you there 🙂 anyway, gratz! 😀


  7. André
    André says:

    Hi, luv, I was confortably watchin’ the amazing movie Saw VI, and than I saw you! Well done, boy, you star are shining more and more. Congratulations. Bisou

  8. afan
    afan says:

    i dont like the saw saga at all…so plz since i dont want to see saw VI can i have the pleasure to see one amazing video of yours?

    Buon Week End!


  9. Li
    Li says:

    Could you please post that video of you in the pool in white clothes that was banned from youtube? It’s such a sexy cool clip and I can’t find it anywhere since fu**ing youtube banned it.

  10. shane
    shane says:

    oh yessssss yesssssss francois do do do give me many of those marks along with your good head. ohhhhh shit i just jizzed all over the keyboard.

  11. edwin
    edwin says:

    hola francois, espero entiendas algo de ESPANOL ok? me encantas estas super buenisimo quisiera poder tener a alguien asi como tu, tienes un cuerpo super buenisimo m gustaria poder tocarlo,felicidades por tu trabajo tus fans te lo agradesemos. me encantas saludos.

  12. frank
    frank says:

    Hi Francois(…)
    today my buddys from work and i talked about saw 6, no one from us have seen the movie, but i can told them with PROUD that our gay french porn queen (hehehe) francois get a role in the movie, they want to know how you looks like… and this was easy to tell them, now they watched in the movie for you…
    and…it was very interesting for me to hear your GERMAN VOICE in the movie, hehe, you get an synchro voice for the german audience, lol, its very interesting, cant wait to see the movie,
    greez frankie.


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