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  1. Rudi
    Rudi says:


    How can I show you my first artwork with you.
    It is really good, and I know you will like it…


  2. frank
    frank says:

    yeah… titan does a lot for their hottest stars, hehe..

    francois, i think, it was good, that you changed the company…
    btw i see that dirk jager is on gayromeo too, and he told me, that he dont make new porn movies…
    so bad, i hope, you still make porn movies, till you be 6o years old 😉

  3. Junior
    Junior says:

    Love the look of the Element wish it was mine. Oh BTW I saw you in the new Saw VI movie and I got a hard on when I saw your handsome face on the Big Screen. Hope to see more of you in more major roles.

  4. Li
    Li says:

    You haven’t been blogging on your blog since may. Have you cut that blog out forever? Miss it, it was a good blog. Even though I’m not really that into porn, I loved it. Peace dude.

  5. afan
    afan says:

    dunno Fran i always liked your natural smile (and is so rare to see you smiling)…
    I have not typed “for me” is not that awesome.
    But i think i can still let you fuck me 🙂 (Joking!!!!)

  6. EJ
    EJ says:

    Just read the Saw VI review on variety.com. They didn’t hate it but they didn’t like it very much either…Should I see it or wait for the DVD?

  7. alex
    alex says:

    La classe, ton éfigie sur une voiture avec ça tu vas pas passer inaperçu, lol. Par contre, toujours aussi déjanté, c’est mieux de toucher en vrai que sur une carosserie. La dent en or, ??????!!!!!!! t’es mieux sans. A+

  8. EJ
    EJ says:

    I agree with afan….You have such a great smile…Why screw it up with a gold tooth….I wonder if I met you in person and we had sex how many times could I make you cum in one night….

  9. X
    X says:

    big thumbs up for the gold tooth. I was thinking about one myself but everybody around, including my boyfriend, said I’m crazy and it’s gonna look horrible. I think is genial.

  10. EJ
    EJ says:

    That’s hollywood for yah….You can be on a film set for days if not weeks and after it’s cut you only see yourself for a few seconds….Francois don’t be discouraged about it….keep making your videos and posting then for us to see….Vin Diesel make it big by doing his own movies first.

  11. francois Sagat
    francois Sagat says:

    I’m just “saying” things, I actually don’t mind or complain….I feel very good, like having no boyfriend….it’s just a fact, it doesnt make me sad….

    I’m GOOD !!!!

  12. Cristiane
    Cristiane says:

    Mr. Black Bird,

    I could not expect anything else, you look great.

    Let´s dance???



  13. PeterPan
    PeterPan says:

    Old? Pobrecito! You have a long, long way to go for that.

    In the meantime, continue your push out of porn and into other media related avenues. You’re more than porn baby…

  14. Fred
    Fred says:

    Salut François,
    Je dois l’avouer, j’apprécie beaucoup tes performances (ouais ouais, beaucoup !)… mais ton sourir et ton charme, je crois que ça me fait encore plus d’effet !
    Prend soin de toi !
    Ciao 😉
    Fred (Valence; FRANCE)

  15. Frank
    Frank says:


    yeah, you have a little more around your eyes, when you smiles, take botox for it….heheh…no, its a joke… still naturelly as you are that makes you very sympathic… and… saw 6 ???
    ok, wait and see what happend in the future….
    and, is the porn thing over, ok, than you make fashion again, or you make own porn films as a director , or other things, you have more to choose as a normal man like us here…so, its ok big guy, i ll bet, you make your way…

  16. Gavin
    Gavin says:

    I saw you in SAW VI this weekend!

    Your pecs were really hot, especially for a heroin junkie character.

    Did they cut out speaking lines from you? If so, what did you say?

  17. christopher
    christopher says:

    Francois; I still say give it time & you or HE will find you. A lot of times it happens when you are not looking or thinking of it. Then, from somewhere that person comes into your life.
    Souhaitant le meilleur pour vous sur l’homme qu’il faut à venir dans votre vie.

  18. pablo
    pablo says:

    Desde Argentina bombón!!! no podes estar mas bueno!!!!!!!!!!!!! y con esa barbita colorada mas todavía


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