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  1. amazing pictures!!! como siempre es muyyy chevere todo lo que hacer y todas las fotos que tienes… como siempre he dicho estas muy lindo y muy bueno …

  2. Mister Black Bird,

    How many expressions we can see in the face of a clown? I can see in the face of this “clown” all of them. Perhaps the art is in the eye of the beholder or in the soul of who does.

    For me everything about you becomes movement and music.

    Keep your eyes open!!!!


  3. Encore un photoshoot de folie!
    Aura-t-on le plaisir de voir toutes ces photos dans un livre?
    Ce serait une bonne idée…

  4. Francois,

    Any appearances coming up in Los Angeles that we should know about? You have always been so charming and funny when I’ve met up with you!

  5. Francois, je t’adore: tu est super beau et super intelligent. C’est un privilege de visiter ton site.
    Yves (de Paris)

  6. bj f!
    just want to say hi,
    if you actually get to reading this yourself
    i was b in arabia and raised in the bahamas and us
    i worked background in hollywood
    and was a personal and family assitant there
    and met micheal brandon a few times
    i studied french for four years and latin for 1
    check me out on facebook if you want
    there’s some artwork on there too
    from work for one of my undergrad degrees,
    BStudioArt, cum laud
    as i understand your very into fashion and art
    thought maybe YOU might be looking for (someone like ?) ME actually
    or something like that
    au revoir
    chris c
    i had clown peices sketched out like that!! lol

  7. So, I have been looking at these pics for a couple weeks & I still have the same thought. DAMN!! You are a very handsome gentelman Francois. I do hope you keep posting more vid & pics. Until then Coa


  9. Plus que l’homme, on voit l’esprit et le génie de l’artiste.

    Un salut du Québec (Montréal) !

  10. francois en mexico se te quiere,,, espero y todo nasca de nuevo, para poder verte con otros ojos”

    me encantan las fotos ya sabes”

  11. ola eu so o marcos sou do brasil o francois sagat e muito lindo

    gostaria uma noiter com ele na cama seria o homem mais feliz da terra … ♥

  12. que dire de plus ce n’est pas qu’ub acteur avec un corps splendide mais un homme qui vie avec passion, grandeur, douceur et endurance. Contine pt père


  13. I hope that you have a happy new year with all you family.
    Thanks because you are very beautiful.
    I just hope that any time you answer me or write me, It is the dreams the my live. I love you Sagat.

  14. Très bien qu’un francais comme vous est pû grimper rapidement au devant des films X américains.
    Pour le clip sur la capote…toutes mes félicitations !
    Bonne année 2010

  15. solo me conformo con una noche!!!todo para mi!!! sos un dios!!! que tengo que hacer para cumplir esa fantasia estoy dispuesto a todo!!!sos sexy inteligente lindo todo lo que tenes esta bien puesto!!!realmente te felicito!!!

  16. Francois. I am usually too modest to say to people when I think they’re sexy or beautiful. And I don’t see that in everyone. I can be really shy about that. But two years ago, I was 18, and that’s when I first discovered you. I don’t even remember how. But there was something in your eyes that got to me. You have a very sexy body as well, hehe. But now I say it to someone – You are very sexy. I secretely love watching your pictures etc. Be happy.

  17. oi sou brasileiro e gostria de ver o Francois Sagat e Rafael Alencar transando e os dois sendo ativos e passivos na mesma sena

  18. eres lo mejor Cuando Sea mas grande kiroser como tu asi todo perfecto i como mucho glamour jiji te kire mucho uriel

  19. Una persona tan multifacetica como el…. pocos. Por un lado el hombre actor porno tan malo, sucio, sin inhibiciones, y haciendo fisitng damn! me pone horny
    Por el otro un hombre espontaneo, lindo, tierno maquillado de payasito auch!. amo a los dos,

  20. Francois, yours is the most beautiful ass on the planet, there is no doubt that such beauty will never exist again.
    i am a very happy slave, but believe me when i tell you that i could die smiling with my face buried between those divine ass cheeks of yours. Thank You so much for what You have given us.

    slave luke

  21. Francois, como faço para ter contato com você?
    queria ter a chance de poder conversar com você, te achou muito gostoso, sei que nada nessa vida é impossivel..

  22. Francois, I don’t know if you read these comments, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for the generosity you have displayed over the years with these sensous, artsy, and captivating pictures.

    Your physical beauty is one which I will remember for a very long time; if not forever. You know how to move your body extremely well (particularly that captivating butt of yours).

    If ever our paths should cross, I would be truly priviledged.


  23. T’es vraiment beau Francois, j’attends ton nouveau film…est-ce qu’un jour tu viendras au Mexique?

    Je te laisse un trop gros bisous…mets-le ou tu veux



  24. Cher Francois! Tu es superbe! Je te felicite du fait que tu passe peu a peu de l’image de l’acteur porno! Tu dois savoir qu’en Russie – et a Moscou nottament – nous t’aimons! Je te souhaite la realisation de tous tes voeux!
    Amities de Moscou! Bisous!

  25. Congrats guy … From the little I know about you I learned to admire you. What most struck him was his wisdom and character. Its beauty is not a principal, not to want to show to anyone because there’s no way to tell otherwise. I am Brazilian and I knew you by chance. And I would just leave you a big hug.

  26. I’m a Gym instructor & y’know the first time i heard of you was from one of my clients, i’d over heard him saying that my butt reminded him of yours. i guess he’d seen quite a but of your stuff. i looked you up and i have to say, i love ever photo i’ve seen.

    your physique is one to aspire to.

    i am now a fan… and i’ll keep checking back for more

  27. You are the hottest looking guy I have ever seen.
    Please keep it up.
    You are fantastic ! Love your hairy chest and
    bubble butt.

  28. Francois es un artista del porno, completo, tiene un hermoso cuerpo, una gran polla, y su actuació es fenomenal,seriedad y mística es su trabajo y lo hace de maravillas. me gusta como lo hace en sus películas.