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  1. Habib
    Habib says:

    These are nice pics and u r really beautiful, it sucks being Arab cause my parents got me engaged to a girl and I don’t noe what to do, how old we’re u when your family found out your gay?

    HAMADA says:

    حبيبى كيفك انا حمادة من مصر 22 سنة كمال اجسام جميل الشكل والجسم جاى توب وانا معجب بيك كتير وللهى ياجميل وفرحت لمة عرفت انك عربى وفنان كمان انا بردة بحب الازياء وبحب ارسم كدة الفساتين وبحب امثل واخرج المهم يشرفنى انى اتكلم معاك شخصاا بجد انا محتاج اتكلم معااك بجد

  3. Cristiane
    Cristiane says:

    Mister Black Bird,

    How good is feel your art penetrating my soul, a good feeling runs through my veins in an explosion of contradictions that makes me cry compulsively then put in my face the biggest smile.

    I keep my eyes open to see through your intense eyes.



  4. john
    john says:

    I’m not going to bore you by stating the obvious regarding your looks……..but I really enjoy your performance work. I am an artist myself and I have to say it’s refreshing to see a porn star that actually has an inner life.
    You could actually be this generations’ Peter Berlin.
    (Google him if you don’t know who I’m referring to, he’s your kindred spirit from the 70’s)
    love your work.

  5. Shiva
    Shiva says:

    Hi guys, I am Shiva from Germany, am not a man, even a very pretty woman:)
    Actually, I’m not a fan of gays, because I’m originally from Iran and you know how the people there think of something.
    Nevertheless, I think it’s cool and Francois have it really on it.
    You do so well as events in different places, because you can not come to Germany? Yes even your former neighbor, Francois is:)
    Would be glad if it could work.

    Can we build with you somehow contact, for example through the internet?

    Love Greetings, Shiva.

  6. leepers
    leepers says:

    Francois, will you allow for the Real Doll version of yourself….of course, with a handsome stipend . If you did, I think you would be rewarded almost as handsomely as you are.

  7. NONO
    NONO says:

    انا نونو من الجزائر , انا معجب بيك كتيرا و احب اشوفك دائما و يعجبني شكل جسمك كما نك متير للجنس , احب انك قبلني , قبلة مني الك


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