MM:GG Syndrome part 2

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  1. Chirstopher
    Chirstopher says:

    You creative sexy & fun guy. Loving the vids. Keep us on our toes with more.
    Votre bel et sexy homme

  2. afan
    afan says:

    sorry for my words Fran but i wanna fuck you and get fuked non stop by you and suks dry your tongue…ok…nasty enough for me…
    Nice editing and choise of music.
    As always when i watch you i am motivated to push even harder at gym.
    Amil rocks too.

  3. frankie
    frankie says:

    Lady Bug, Lady Bug, please grant me a wish! Love your white and red socks you got from the costume store. You are a living transformer…..0x0x0x0

  4. Habib
    Habib says:

    I like all ur vids and u look cute on all of them,the first time when I saw ur pic I had 2 strong heartbeats in my chest and it sucked cuz it was luv 🙁 but ur improvin on ur job and u rock. Los angeles

  5. afan
    afan says:

    2:08 the best part of the video…your moves and choise of music are awesome…fantastic.
    One of the sexyest video of yours so far.
    I need a white wall to try that at home.
    You are a really good “poser”.
    OMG evry time i watch this video i see red…for passion 🙂

  6. afan
    afan says:

    maybe i have must typed it sounds to me it like…btw i think bareback is now international… ano means butt…

  7. Frank
    Frank says:

    Hi Francois(…)
    im back from my swizz holiday, and now ive seen your great new MUSIC video… was so great,
    looks likes the other music videos that showes on mtv or viva, … congratulations,
    and… by the way, i bet you have a new bf…
    a man like you is not long alone

  8. Habib
    Habib says:

    hey everybody i want u guys to watch nice arabic music especially u Francois.
    this one is a sad love song youll understand whats it about cause the pics will show emotions.

    this vid is my fav, Francois try to dance to this song its hard.

    let me know what you think about the vids

  9. rayric
    rayric says:

    Nice videos Francois… you seem pretty funny an cerebral. Too bad on the bf front.. if you never get a bf i think we should put all gay men in an asylum.

  10. Christopher
    Christopher says:

    Francois, the right guy who knows how to understand & except you will come along. Don’t look for it & it will happen. I say with in 1 years time. Or if I get my hands on you first….LOL!! L’amour vous viendra

  11. afan
    afan says:

    it’s funny, i say the same thing about boyfriend..i think i am not able to change myself and i am an egoist to say the truth…i dont get the point with people always saying optimistic things…and btw if is hard for anyone to find a true boyfriend i think is even harder for the ones who do performance with sex…i hardly doubt that anyone here is ready to accept the work as a pornstar of his boyfriend…

  12. Cristiane
    Cristiane says:

    Mr. Black Bird,

    Always surprise!!!!!!! The makeup looks great…

    “We can play it ………………
    …………………………..the choice is yours…”

    Wanted to scream, run, let the others see through the veil covering the soul.
    Sagat’s effect???

    keep you eyes open.
    Sometimes quiet, but always here!


  13. Cristiane
    Cristiane says:

    Mr. Black Bird,

    Take time .

    A soul is being prepared. Be ready !!!! and …………………..keep your eyes open

    Nothing happens by chance


  14. Christophe
    Christophe says:

    ‘Pop ate my heart, and swallowed my brain!’

    Great video.. it was nice to see a video from you performing with a Gaga song

    keep on the good work xx

  15. EJ
    EJ says:

    Francois, I don’t have a boyfriend either because when it comes to my heart and loving someone my standards are extremely high….Would never lower them just to be in a relationship…I’m sure you will find the love of your life at the right time. Until then, keep entertaining us. The more I watch your videos the more I believe that you will become even more well known behind the camera as in front of it.

    Kisses from Texas!!

  16. frank
    frank says:

    Dear Francois(…) 🙂

    pls dont be sad… dont
    you are a beautifull man, you looks great, you are talented, and i bet, your character is great, and you are funny.
    This perfect mix is a gift to everyone who gets you as a friend.
    I dont have a friend too, but i ve a bodybuilder friend but only for sex… its not enough for me, but i hope, that i get a bf soner or later…
    so, dont give up your hopes, you are young, and not stupid, you will find the right bf if the time is right, i bet.
    So, dont be sad,

  17. steve
    steve says:

    Why has nobody else put up their hand to be Francois’ boyfriend?

    Mate, I’ll give it a shot… look me up next time you’re in the southern hemisphere 🙂

  18. Flávio
    Flávio says:

    Please François…….Reply my comment…..if you won´t….I´ll be sad….But if you reply I´ll going crazy…and come out of my house screaming and jumping….and smileing for a long long time…..DOn´t you said that have plans to come to Brazil?please come here and make my chances to see you in person a little more big…..LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU !!!!!DAMN YOU GUY!!!YOU`RE SO HOOOOT!

  19. alex
    alex says:

    Salut François, j’espère que ça va? J’adore le montage de cette vidéo, trop la classe. Et l’intro en clown te va parfaitement, trés sympa.
    A bientot
    PS : Tu maitrise mieux Lady gaga que NTM (la fièvre) lol

  20. LittleMonster
    LittleMonster says:

    That was strange, yet entertaining. I don’t know how I ended up on this website… Sexy video all in all!


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