MM:GG Syndrome part 1

MM:GG Syndrome part 1



  1. Ahhh the bee & unicorn have found each other. Now who is next to find each other??? Tin man??? Can’t wait.

  2. Francois, is this the video in response to the one who said you couldn’t be gay after watching the video “Shana” …BTW…I agree with Ray, It’s a cool and sexy video…and the unicorn is very sexxxy,,,I’m sure he was more than happy to co-star with you.

  3. I’m sooooooo love what u did w/Halloween’s stuff u bought at Haigh st… makes me wanna be Bee this coming Halloween!!

    love u Francois and THANK U for stay cool w/us at Folsom;-)

  4. Considering that you do the tape all by yourself i come to think that maybe you must go on the director side (once you retire from the true action btw). Great montage , nice sound (i love marylin)…Congratulations Fran!

    P.S. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. :)

    P.P.S. wish some day to see the romatic side of you on one of your clip.

  5. Wave your magic wand….you are the sexiest bee boy rimmer…love those hot jockstraps…where did you get them? you make the world smile….

  6. Content de t’avoir vu là-bas !je suis même sur la vidéo…avec mon T-Shirt F.Sagat, et mes 2potes qui ont copié ton tatoo !

    Change rien François, t’es excellent !

  7. Wow….First,my english is terrible…but…I just can´t see this video and stay here without a comment….You Fraçois!you are just amazing and nothing that I say can explain this,I´m sure that everybody agree with it…..just keep making these things……we all are here….every day…every hour…every minute waiting for ….YOU….JUST SEE YOU MAKE MY DAY HAPPY!!!! I know that sounds like another boring guy….but its my way to say to you how much I and all your fans LOVE YOU!!!!a comment with wishes of more and more sucess for you….From Brazil