Francois does Folsom.

Francois does Folsom.


Follow along with Bruce Cam as he films Francois at the Folsom Street Fair.


  1. OMG, your jeans have fallen down, I’m afraid someone may have seen u naked !!

    It seems to be a good event, I didn’t know Folsom event at all. And even ladies love u. All Sagat cock have been sold I’m afraid, was it the success you expected ?

    How many vodka drink ?

    Laurent ( from Paris )

  2. HAHAHA!

    Towards the end it became more and more obvious how much vodka you had. You had a little malfunction with your belt and pants in that last shot haha! i love it!

  3. Hi, dear.
    You, besides mysterious, appears to be a fun guy.
    I’m waiting for you here, in Brazil =]
    I will learn some français phrases to talk with you.
    Click on my name to see me on my blog (one of the eigth that I have!) 😮

    Big Kisses

  4. Dearest Francois, Thanks, merci, for being so kind, thoughtful, patient and loving to all your fans and admirers..I can’t wait to touch you molding of your cock….sweetness to you always…

  5. That looked fun, but I felt kind of embarassed for the people treating you like a cirus freak piece of meat. Hope you continued to have no drama the rest of the day.

  6. Hey Francois,

    U look absolutely great with the beard !! and nice to see you having a good time and soing all that signing.

    You’re a great guy !!