Costume shopping on Haight Street

Costume shopping on Haight Street


Francois did a little Halloween costume shopping early this year. Stay tuned to see how he puts it to use!


  1. Ben j vois qu on s ennuie pas en faisant du shopping avec toi. J’aime bien les antennes d’abeilles et les oreilles de lapins (ca fait tres playboy) mais j’adore le casque viking c’est terrible. Vivement la prochaine vidéo, j’ai hate de voir ce que tu vas faire avec tou ça. Ca promet pour Halloween!!!! A bientôt bise. Alex

  2. hahahaha , thx FRANCOIS really for this funny movie…. i ve laughed all the time… it was so exited to go with you to buy something for halloween… and, by the way,
    you looks great with all the stuff….
    and, im 42 years old, and i celebreate it every year, since im 20 years old , so, if you like it to have fun DO IT and enjoy
    and… show us the end, we want to see, what will you wear on halloween,

  3. Francois—always be that child in the candy shop….it’s better to be a little crazy than to be too normal…life is too short…Have fun dressing up!!!

  4. Ah ah, so fun ! Is that for Halloween, to celebrate your 30th birthday, or for your next video ?

    U purcahse so much things that u seem to prepare a party for 10 kids, but but all is for u ah ah !

  5. Francois~you are too much….fun. I can hardley wait to see what you come up with all those things you got at the shop.
    I like the Tin Man hat most on you, hope you go for that 1 this Halloween. Keep having fun & keep those creative vid’s coming. Toujours bel et sexy