Francois get poked for the good of humanity!

Follow Brian Mills and Francois Sagat as Francois receives his very first Flu vaccine. As one of the world’s most recognized gay pornstar Francois is constantly being approached for photos, handshakes and occasionally a kiss or two! With all that human contact, he needs to have extra protection from the flu this season. To further protect himself and those around him Francois is a good boy and washes his hands frequently, covers his mouth when he coughs or sneezes and doesn’t touch his eyes or nose. Follow Francois’ example and stay flu-free this season!

Stay tuned for round two…the H1N1 vaccine coming in early November!

This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Francois Sagat and TitanMen! For more info please visit

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  1. julien
    julien says:

    et bien nous pauvre ‘frenchie’ qu’on est, on n’aura pas ce fichu vaccin avant le début de l’année prochaine.

    Tout sa parce que, plus de la moitié de leur stocks de matières premières nécessaires à ce vaccin, étaient périmées !!!! XD

    Donc à cause de leur stupidité (de ne pas contrôler leurs stocks), et bien on sera l’un des derniers pays développé à être vaccinés… pffff

  2. Shane
    Shane says:

    This feeling makes me nauseous. You seem uncomfortable. They are not trying to hurt you though, if that is what you think. I know thats how I felt when I got my first shot.
    Its for the better that you don’t get sick doing all the moving around and interacting with different people. Its for the best. Dooooon’t worry about the silly shot.!!

  3. frankie
    frankie says:

    Ahh! Francois–the sexy nurse should have given you the poke on your ass…even so, I hope you remain healthy and safe….

  4. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    OMG, a hairy man who … shaves himself (sob sob). I do love hairy man in fact.

    Hey François, u can make some money by bringing some Flu vaccines in France ah ah

  5. alex
    alex says:

    T’es trop courageux, lol. Mais t’es comme les copains faut tous y passer.
    Remarque ils ont dit l’autre jour que le virus touchait en priorité les moins de 30 ans donc t’es sauvé, lol . Je sais je suis un branleur, lol. Allez à plus.


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