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  2. i I think must write to you next 5 years here if you do not answer
    je pense doit écrire ici ensuite 5 annéef si tu ne réponds pas

  3. Hey Mister Black Bird,

    You are not only a porno star, pleeeeaaaseeeee!!!!!
    Despite the crap, I like to hear you!, Don´t shut up and Keep your eyes opened!


  4. I for one, never want to know how big your craps are. I don’t care what shoes you chose to wear that day. I don’t care what you had for lunch. Facebook is bad enough. Twitter is a waste of time. Twitter is not art. It’s just facebook without all the shit.

    Do it if you want, but I won’t twit or tweet or twat or whatever the made up word is.


  5. Mister Black Bird,

    Saw VI ??? Is it true???
    You deserve it. I really hope you get to do more and more!!!
    Good luck, man!!!!
    You are the best…..

    IIf you can, please tell me ….is it true?

  6. Mister Black Bird,

    It may not be “big deal” but I’m sure it’s just the first step of a long way.
    I sincerely hope you have much success, the little I´ve read about you and the good soul that I can see through your eyes,….. you deserve it all too!

    I don´t know if I can but I feel proud of you.

    keep your eyes open!
    I have twisted too much for you.


  7. oh thank you francois ! is good to see i’m not the only one who thinks Twitter is pointless.

    thanks again for another great couple of videos. u look better and better each time.

    take care and thanks for the fantasies.

    hope to get to see u perform live soon. are there any shows coming up?


  8. ääääääähhhh, tell me the news again for me and your german fans… dont understand all words in the clip…

    what is with twitter???? (the same shitt like facebook) and, what is with saw ??? do you get a part in it??? i must have it….

  9. Hey Mister Black Bird,

    I was watching a scene (Hussein and you .. Arabesque). Sorry, but I can not see that just how a sex scene, It is really a painting, the purest art.

    A movie …. Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue). How you remind me Jacques Mayol.


  10. You guys don’t understand what i’m saying, I know I have a french accent but come on…

    well, yeah after all, I may take myself too seriously…full of myself,but no surprise right, you keep jumping on my website…it’s all cool.Blablabla.

    O yeah, I’m not gonna post Pictures of myself, because I just don’t do photoshoots anymore, people don’t care anymore….good I don’t care either.


  11. I have one ask!!!!!!!!
    I have one ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!I have one ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. you have a french accent… yeah.. but im from german, and my english is not so good… its nothing with your french accent., so i have asked..
    but, its nice, that you answer the questions here for your fans. so we could be so close to you,

  14. If you have courage you must say this thing live at me…but the end will be different ;).
    Seriously i can understand that you feel “observed”.
    But you said somthing in italian (i am italian but i have not realized what you have said).
    Ciao Bello.

  15. OMG, it begins like an advertising for coffee or kellogs, and it ends like a big “Fuck you” ah ah.

    I didn’t expect an end like that.

    François, tu sembles penser que tes photos n’intéressent plus. Mais c’est un ensemble de choses chez toi qui interessent et c’est impossible pour moi en tout cas, de faire l’impasse sur une chose plutôt qu’une autre.

    Saw 6 ? Well I only saw ( hum hum ) Saw 5 and I hated it. But I have to see Saw 6 to watch your 40 secondes. And hoping u will appear in many more seconds in a near future.

    Laurent ( Paris )

  16. Francois—-I care….always be true to yourself….cherish life…create art…whatever…you speak perfectly clear to me…pursue your dreams…make love…don’t worry what others think…be pure…and always sexy….

  17. “Buhuh i don’t care what you think, say what you want, the less you get the more i like it bla bla bla”

    Of course you care, you love the attention. That’s why you take yourself too seriously sometimes.

    And there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s that bitchie attitude and your so called “strange” videos that keep bringing people back for more. And you love it.

    Rock on Mr. Sagat

  18. Care…. dont care …..

    Come on … let´s feel the things and understand the others.
    keep the mind free and the eyes opened.
    This guy has so much to offer us …. Why cling to small things?

    The words are not the only expression form, but they can have a very bitter taste.

    Mister Black Bird……a song….”Don´t worry…be happy”

    Good Lucky !!!!


  20. Cristiane is right, care or don’t care, what’s the use ? Bla, you just try to imagine if François is a good guy, or a bad one, and soon, if he’s a saint or a sinner just by watching videos he offer to us ! That’s ridiculous, just see what he does without imagine who he is.

    He’s like anyone, sometimes he’s serious, sometimes he’s crazy, sometimes he’s sad, sometimes he’s joyful, sometimes he want to speak to anyone, sometimes he wants to see nobody but dogs and swimming pool. And sometimes, I’m sure, he’s like me ah ah : the biggest “sale pute” and the day after, the biggest gentle and shy guy.

  21. Laurent,

    Thanks !!!

    Let’s enjoy and look at things with different eyes ….

    About Saw 6….I agree with you !!!! hehehe

  22. Don’t get me wrong, i think he’s brilliant in his own crazy way. I don’t need anyone to tell me how should i see his videos or other stuff. I visit his site for some reason…

    Still, that doesn’t change what i said. Sorry if i offended someone, Mr. Sagat specifically.

    It’s nice to know that you answer to people sometimes, though.

  23. No offend,well I can be a Fucking Bitch that’s true… and it’s amazing to be a bitch sometimes….(like I can be a big slut, but not always a big slut)…

    I don’t wanna speak about saw 6 please, it’s annoying,thanks.

  24. Je te félicite pour ton apparition dans Saw 6 !

    Personnellement, je trouve ça vraiment ‘courageux’ de toucher à divers domaines artistiques ^o^ et puis bon rester cataloguer comme acteur porno, sans pouvoir s’essayer à d’autres choses qui nous ferait plaisir, c’est clair que c’est pas fun.

    Donc bon courage pour la suite, et pour ma part j’irai voir Saw 6 simplement pour y voir ta prestation 😉

  25. -__- je m’en doutais que de paraître trop gentil/avenant, aller m’apporter un clash in the face… ^^ faut croire que j’aime sa.

    bon allez bonne continuation cependant.

  26. Quel con je fais parfois (voir tout le temps ^^ Roohhhh…)

    Car j’avais vraiment pas capté le “Saucisse”, désolé François.

  27. You make me want to speak french! And be a porn star, just for the chance to do a scene with you. I think i am going to start working on that…

    twitter is pointless and i am glad you agree.

    How long does it take you take make a video usually? I mean i am sure this one took like 5 minutes but the others are amazing and i love them!


  28. Francois…you are naturally talented. Every one should have a bit of mystery about them; so no need for a twitter account, please. Keep posting those short videos you make; that should be good enough for the world.
    . Ofcourse, garder être sexy, le beau & par-dessus tout, vous

  29. You’re a fairy, mister. The folk-story type fairy. Otherwordlish. Amazing and deceptive. Gonna keep on spying on you here.
    all the best

  30. You like starbucks grande latte????? But you are French so you know what good coffee tastes like, don’t drink that shit!

  31. C’est bizarre! En dehors de tes qualités physiques, on comprend que tu n’es pas dupe des choses et que tu as un certain recul sur tout cela..
    Bonne année 2010!