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  1. naD j a
    naD j a says:

    i L…….you
    your ASS is so bomba not f…..only L…….
    L..O….V…E one day I find you

  2. Cristiane
    Cristiane says:

    Hey Mister Black Bird,

    Here in Brazil, in Portuguese only have an expression to set you:

    Caralho!!! Você é FODA!!!!!!

  3. Miguel
    Miguel says:

    dont be angry… they can love it or hate it, but no one remains indiferent… you’ll always touch someone…


  4. Ray
    Ray says:

    I love your clips and they always leave me wondering if subversive and transcendent can be used to describe the same video. I think both fit here. Plus it was absolutely hot…

  5. Frank
    Frank says:

    hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm, lol….nice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hehehe….
    give my greetings to mr. dirk jager pls.

    wonderfull francois go on.

  6. afan
    afan says:

    Onw thing is sure : you love your fridge alot.
    How many times you had to cum on your fridge for this clip?
    Is alwasy a pleasure to see your body… but a thing that drive me crazy of you is the shape and the color of your tongue (pretty sick eh?).
    Nice hairy chest 🙂

  7. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    Is that you who’ve written all of this ? I’ve got a question :

    What is written is :
    – what you think about you
    – what others, perhaps some fans and some haters, think about you

    You can be a “sale pute” or a “narcissist” but me too ah ah. Anyone in fact can be a “sale pute”.

    Le plus important je crois, est d’être entouré, même petitement, par des gens qui savent vraiment qui on est. Et qui ont dépassé les à priori ou l’image qu’ils ont de nous. C’est encore plus vital pour une star, une vedette, quel que soit son domaine d’activité. C’est vital pour toi aussi.

    Laurent ( de Paris )

  8. david
    david says:

    t es vraiment une bombe atomique…si tu as besoin que qqun te fasse le menage ou la cuisine …je suis pret a astiquer ce que tu voudras

  9. francois Sagat
    francois Sagat says:

    It’s all about HATE,HATERS,always….the MOST INTERESTING ASPECT of reactions to your “public image”.

    I think HATERS COMMENTS are the most interesting ones, constructive, funny, sad, dramatic,fascinating and noticeable…
    i love to analyse those comments because they can be very intrusive, true, false and Offensive…
    EVEN the most hurtfull I still accept them…because they come from “strangers”…

    and usually are reflecting THE FRUSTRATION of the “others” who actually “CARE” about your existence….
    because if I choose that activity(porn) its because I’m in an “Attention” mechanism…I may have denied it by the past, but famous or not , we are all getting for attention in this world….There is nothing worst than IGNORING or FORGETTING someone…

    I use those HATEFUL comments as an exorcism, it helped me a lot since the beginning of my Porn Career,it helped me not to judge anyone on his appearance….while I was also easily Hurt from my physical or the way I expressed myself….

    It’s actually all COOL to read them now, sometimes remembering them,using them,I learned how to take them,step by step….not trying to react , like i use to do at the beginning.

    but I can tell you guys, I think I have even MORE HATERS then BEFORE…and that’s the way it is…

  10. The Cat
    The Cat says:

    I was about to make a favourable comment, but I think I’ll refrain (and please notice I didn’t ever mention Saw).

  11. afan
    afan says:

    i always trying to not judge anyone (but often it happens)…
    Maybe i must think to become an hater to get some attention.
    Have fun as far as you can m8.
    Ciao Pocello ;).

  12. Cristiane
    Cristiane says:

    Mister Black Bird,

    Well, if that’s right, I guess I better keep quiet and just keep watching. (fortunately or unfortunately, my eyes are always open)
    For me it is enough.

    Thanks for the great moments!!!

  13. frank
    frank says:

    Hi F,
    its normal that you are have more haters… you are famouse, and everyday you are going to be more famouse, you got more haters….and??? whatz up???
    You got the perfect look, have a perfect body, an interesting job, everyday sex, enough money… why you are interested in the meaning of the others? Do you own thing! Live your own life. You are Francoise!
    You are a human, and human makes mistakes… you never be perfect. Everyday you learnd more in your lifetime.
    Its truth that the haters says something construktive… but you must know, why they say it? Is it, cause they hate you, ore they are jelaouse or cause they are frustated? I think,
    if you dont be arrogant, or superficical than its ok…
    by the way,
    ive seen now the movie fear… i like the scene with dirk jager so much… but the end of the movie the scene with you… hmmm, was not so good… it should looks like real pain but i must laugh… this scene was the borest in the movie.
    i never believe you really in the movie that you are in fear… bad acting… better luck next time.

  14. Miguel
    Miguel says:

    sometimes we use the hate of others to make us stronger… usually because we dont love us enough, because we dont belive in us, because we think of us as bad person…
    its strange, but the hate of others allow us to feel better, to belive in us, to fight our own doubts…
    we fight everyday’s hate, we feed on it, we grow on it…. the only good thing that might come from this is if we can start to love us, to trust us…. to belive in us, to belive that we deserve to be loved… but if we will always depend on others hate, we will never be free…
    im not sure what im saying, but those words, Mr Sagat, made me think of this…
    we can look at your posts as porno, art or like an intimate journal… but we will never be abble to understand you… they are just small windows open into your soul… the key remains with you…
    I dont know what more to say… salut et bonne chance pour ta vie

  15. Cristiane
    Cristiane says:

    “We do not hate as long as we still attach a lesser value, but only when we attach an equal or a greater value.”

    “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.”

  16. clementeparis
    clementeparis says:

    bon et bien convaincu du sens artistique de la chose! produit de marketing et branleur ca oui je pense, branleur on l est tous donc c est bon.
    tu me fais penser a un lion, tres bon mix j aime sincerement bokou

  17. Christophe
    Christophe says:

    Hi François,
    I love the videos that you post here, I really hope that you continue to post more videos..
    I like u a lot, you are my favourite actor, not only because you’re hot or something, I think you are a really good actor and artist.. you are also very creative, I bet you are very interesting guy to talk to. I hope to meet u one day x)

    I love your tattos the one in your head is awesome.. I went to turkey last week and I really felt in love with the flag and I thing the symbols of the flag look really good on your back!

    I noticed that one of lady gaga’s dancer have a hair cut just like your head tatto in the vma performance.. maybe he got it from you x)

    hope you read this, best of luck for your carrer and life!


  18. julien
    julien says:

    Alors sa c’est de la vidéo perso’ ^^
    J’adore le côté, mec qui prépare tranquillement son thé tout en s’astiquant et se trémoussant, pendant que nous on en peut plus on n’a qu’une envie c’est de te voir arrêté de bouger dans tous les sens, afin que tu jouisse au lieu de faire la cuisine XD

    Pareil en plein dans les scènes ‘CULtes’ tu lances les pires phrases ^^

    Et franchement le mix en fond et tous bonnement addictif.

    En tout cas chapeau, car il en faut de l’auto-dérision pour faire une vidéo dans ce genre 😉

  19. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    Well, you HAVE to :

    – consider those haters comments as comments against “François sagat public image” as you say but not to “François sagat the person” ( even if all is melted for some people )

    – not to answer to all of them, because there’s no end to this activity , it’s a full time job for dozen of secretary ah ah

    I may be wrong, but to me, some fans must be more dangerous and frightening than haters. Because you represent for some of them their daily ultimate sexual fantasy. , “François Sagat the man” doesn’t exist anymore.

    I really do appreciate your ” public image”, I’m actually a fan, that’s why I’m here.

    But above all, I have all respect for “François Sagat the person”, “François Sagat the man”. And this respect is an absolute necessity which enables me to speak to you without thinking about sex or whatever.

    Laurent ( from paris )

  20. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    oh, and even if it’s cooler for you to read or to hear haters comments, I’m sure it’s not easy sometimes.

    So be sure that there’s some people like me, or like Alex who have admiration for the actor, the artist, the playback tryer ( ah ah ), but also, a real and sincere respect and a beginning of friendship for the person you are. Never forget that in bad times.

    Laurent ( from Paris )

  21. Cristiane
    Cristiane says:


    My feeling is the same.
    Respect is the key to any relationship, whatever it is.

    Cristiane (Brazil)

  22. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    Wow Miguel, your comment is great, you’re so right.

    Since I’m past 28 ( I’m 33 yo ), I live real better. I feel younger than ever, and I’m more and more at ease with my image, with who I am. That’s so important. But many young people who are 20 years old, sometimes 15, sometimes even 35-40, have a so bad image of themselves, thinking they deserve nothing and unfortunatly, sinking.

    Each people need maturity for accepting what we are and changing bad thoughts in better ones. I would be real worry about François if he were 20 years old with many haters comments. But I’m sure, it’s easier for him at nearly 30 even if it’s never easy. “Avoir du recul” ( having hindsight ?? ) as we say in French, that’s one of the most important thing.

  23. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    François, what are the most hurtfull remarks that somes haters told about you ?

    You explain that so well by telling ” intrusive, true, false and Offensive…”. It’s the reality and the real negative part of internet today. Not only against you, but against anyone famous because of talent, beauty, sexy attitude or political responsabilities.

    Jealousy and frustration fly all over the net, I’m afraid.

  24. Seregha RussianBoy
    Seregha RussianBoy says:

    Супер! Очень Круто!!! Красавец!!! Ждём в России!!! 🙂

  25. grrrrrreg
    grrrrrreg says:

    François, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post this video again. It is my favorite.

    Nobody makes tea quite like you.


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