Gym Tonic

Gym Tonic


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  1. This is the best yet…

    Love all the moves on the table…love the jock as a top…

    interesting subtext….

    also i wish we could drink wine at my gym. maybe i’ll replace water for wine.

  2. Francois, love you but this sucks. I liked the old blog (…sigmund freud analyze this…) much better.

  3. Hej…So I see now what were you working last week…Nice job…

    Ps. I didnt had a chance to say goodbye at studio, so hoppe to see ya again!

    Bee good monsieur Sagat :)

  4. bahahahaha…… what a fancy crystal glass with such a small amount of wine! learning to count, baby? I drink bottles of that shit for breakfast..

    are you a fucking ballerina, where is your tutu boy?

    Yes, yes. Lets all follow the mysterious artistic mastermind, “Francois,” and get overly intoxicated, spin around on tables and make videos of our bones breaking!

    You are soooo Arnold Schwarzanegger…

    wow I am such an asshole. But if I ever meet you, I am totally going to kick you in the shins.

    I must know the track listing to this video so I can listen to all the songs while jacking off to pictures of backstreet boys. *hurls in shoe*

    ciao, CUNT.

  5. I loved Francois at the beginning of his career. But the more I see of him, the weirder he gets. I find it harder and harder to look at a picture or a video. His photos and videos are getting too strange for my tastes. I know some people adore him, and rightfully so, but this is just my opinion.

  6. Hi Mr. Sagat…
    is it hard to make new vids so often??? But i like your ideas for the movies… in this vid i like your face, you looks so cool…
    today i got the movie FEAR i hope its so great like fun house,

  7. Very beautiful Francois.
    I really enjoy your videos. They are perfect art.
    I look forward to seeing more.
    Take care and Thank You.

    Craig xxx

  8. Encore une vidéo qui sort de l’ordinaire. Si avec ça, ça donne pas envie à certains de se mettre au sport, je sais pas ce qu’ils leur faut. Bravo et trés beau montage.

  9. Cher François,
    Je ne dénigre pas la qualité humoristique et esthétique de tes post-vidéos. Mais il me semble que depuis que tu héberges ton blog chez Titan, nous perdons en originalité et diversité. En effet; ou sont les photos personnelles et les performances artistiques du temps de blogspot ? Nous sommes au bord de l’ennui. Vite. Reviens.




  11. Super video mais un seul regret. Dans l’original gym tonic cela finissait nu sous la douche….
    Si tu veux faire une suite ma douche est dispo.
    toujours un plaisir de découvrir des nouveautés sur ton site.

  12. I remember a while ago that you admitted that you couldn’t dance worth shit. But you’re getting really good at interpretative dance that I’ve seen in this video.

    People may call you wierd, but they don’t see the creativity that you have. I do know you have an artistic mind, and love to express it. I enjoy the creativity that is put into your pictures and videos here on the blog.

    Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. It’s got a lot of creativity that wants to get out.

  13. Noooooooo…not a single frame of you naked :(

    Btw if you need help for your stretching exersise drop a call.
    I really dont like white soks but on you they are sexy.
    Wished to be that table.
    Hope to see a new fun clip soon (of you dancing maybe) :).
    Have Fun.

  14. Mr Sagat,

    I saw some T-shirts with your drawings . I would like seeing more. How can I do?


    Cristiane (brazilian woman)

  15. Je préfère tes vidéos persos à tes vidéos pros. Bien que ces dernières soient d’une qualité indéniable, les premières sont beaucoup plus originales et tellement plus hypnotiques.
    Continue et merci pour ces beaux moments.

  16. You are such a freak (in a good way- that individual fuckem if they dont get it way)- I Luhv it! Not to suck on your balls or anything but this video was hot; I *wish* I had the technical knowledge to design my own music videos of all the music that goes through my head daily and to make my horrible dancing look nice.

    Werk fucker.

  17. Saw VI ??? Is it true???
    You deserve it. I really hope you get to do more and more!!!

    Good luck, man!!!!

    You are the best…..

  18. Yes I (we?) care about what you say, but you dont say a lot, or maybe you do… the other blog had some more interesting things, in this one you just post videos… talk to us, cry, smile, shout!!!! lol

  19. I always love your videos which just suggest sexuality by soft erotism, and that’s it. Of course, I like your nudity and your moments of sex. But this video shows your abilities for movind, dancing, and do the show. I really like that even more.

    How much time do u practice sports ? Do you try to be even more muscular, or to develop somes muscles more than others ?

    I can’t imagine the time it takes to be as you are, sports, beauty institute, dancing or mime practice or whatever .

    I wish you all the best.

    Laurent ( Paris )

  20. Mesdames et messieurs, bientôt dans vos rayons sportwear, le Jockstrap qui tonifie et soutien vos pecs !!! [fallait y penser 😉 ]
    so fun ^^

  21. I like your videos…the way you express yourself.

    I also like where you shoot some of your videos, your apartment I assume, it suits you.

    I hope to see more videos

    dirty or not

  22. Great web site and I really love your home-videos.
    They’re fun, great music and very interesting to watch.
    Your porn movies are my favorites… I’m addicted to seeing you on the internet every day.

    Your so handsome, fit, sexy and you appear to have a great sense of humor too. Perfect it seems.

    This man in London thinks you’re very talented.