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  1. Dean
    Dean says:

    Hi, I’m Dean and I must say you certainly have a lot of free time to make videos like that. I like them. Oh by the way nice house is it yours? Also those are some cute labs 😉

  2. Toni
    Toni says:

    I can’t deny I follow your videos because I love your body, as many other do, I’m sure, but what really differentiates you from other, let’s say “porn stars”, is your creativity. I prefer spending my time watching your crazy videos than watching TV or boring sexual scenes on many porn films.

    Thanks for sharing your moments with us,


  3. Brice20110
    Brice20110 says:

    Bonjour François ! Merci pour ce clip très sympa et orignal. Tu sais rester simple et cool…. Et c’est agréable. D’ailleurs, j’avais beaucoup apprécié le clip tourné dans le jardin des Tuileries le 14 juillet. A la fois pour la mise en scène – placement de la caméra – les dialogues, les improvisations et le choix du lieu de tournage. A la vue de ces deux clips, je pense sincèrement que tu serais un excellent réalisateur. Par ailleurs, je permets de te suggérer d’entrer en contact avec Bruce Weber, à la fois pour faire des photos avec lui – ça serait formidable. Mais aussi parce qu’il adore ses labradors – lui aussi – et ceux-ci apparaissent très souvent sur ses photos :). Bonne journée à toi et continue à faire d’aussi bons films avec Titan ;). A bientôt, Brice
    PS: est-ce que tu as tourné ce clip en Provence ou en Espagne ? En tous les cas, cette propriété est très belle & cool !

  4. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    creative & entertaining as usual! gorgeous home and handsome dogs…

    i wouldn’t be surprised if la roux asked you to be in the next video

  5. Nick
    Nick says:

    hmm. i like shorter videos. after watching such a long video i wonder why i watched it all. then i remember that im infatuated with your looks.. something close to perfect. but looks arent everything hahaha

    ps. hyper crush is cool in concert

  6. marco
    marco says:

    françois, comme tu a un beau sourire! je me sens attiré par l’ensenble de ton caractère et par ta façon d’être. je n’aime pas le porno, mais j’adore voir tes videos! tu es deja venu au bresil? bisous de sao paulo.

  7. Dean
    Dean says:

    i am sorry. i meant since this isn’t work-related and you said that this was a full day’s shoot you have time outside your normal work schedule to do a video like this.

  8. gege
    gege says:

    slt Francois t es un mec canon de chez canon est ce que tu peux me dire si on peut telecharger les videos que tu mets sur ton site ? sur ton ancien site on pouvait le faire continue de nous faire rever ……….

  9. frank
    frank says:

    hi francois, this is a video i like very much, music is cool…. and…. you can dance….looks so great…
    and you love pets… people who like pets are the better humans…
    thanks, for you videos, i come here so often to watch your new inspirations… its much more better than , what i ve seen on tv, and i belive you, that you are stressed man, with fotosessions and making porn movies, and with the messeges you got from fans you must read.
    everytime im a lil bit nervouses, when i see you have made a new video, cant wait to see it, and think, what he will make now to show us
    greez from germany

  10. Dino
    Dino says:

    Hello Francois!
    My partner and I were very excited to have met you in Paris last weekend. Would’ve loved to have a chance to have a little chat with you, but clearly you were getting ready to work out and we didnt want to interrupt. You’re even hotter in person than we imagined… 😉
    a bien tot,
    ps: still loving your creative videos! xxx

  11. Miguel
    Miguel says:

    More dogs please!!!! lol
    I love Labradores! You should have play with them in the pool or in the garden under the water, lol

    Alone in the world?… as someone said: as more I get to know men, more i love the compagnion of my dog… sad, but sometimes true…

  12. Chris
    Chris says:

    Genial comme d’hab !!

    tu nous refais la scene de Daniel Craig dans James Bond quand il sort de l’eau :p :p :p

    La chanson est super et toujours hyper bien le montage. J’adore

  13. afan
    afan says:

    Cute and what a dancer!!!!

    It does not matter how i am how shy and whatevcer…when i see you i think only to nasty thing…like others have said you have a great taste in music.

  14. Jerome
    Jerome says:

    What are the songs in the video? I know one is Heavy Cross by Gossip. I had to search so hard to find out the music from the re-Remix video, Get Innocuous by LCD Sound System, in case anyone was wondering.

  15. frank
    frank says:

    francois i must have the first 2 songs from your clip, can you tell me name from song and artist??? really good mukke !!!

  16. ---MICKIE---
    ---MICKIE--- says:



  17. fab
    fab says:

    J’adore ces ptits minis métrages. On a l’impression de se retrouver sur arte en pleine nuit : on comprend pas tout mais c’est vraiment plaisant.

    Bonne continuation en tout cas. Moi j’attends la suite! 😉

  18. steve
    steve says:

    This clip certainly has some “Michael Haneke” moments… interesting that there’s so much levity in there, which makes me puzzle over why they’re edited together.

    Does anyone know if this guy directs / edits these videos himself?

    • steve
      steve says:

      Hi Francois,
      I hope life is treating you well.
      I just stumbled upon this blog again today and remembered really loving “Labrador” – but alas, it has gone. Is the video still available somewhere?
      All the best,

  19. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    I’ve watched this video. I think it’s about loneliness. I might be wrong, it’s just my imagination about François’s imagination !

    It’s not “INTO THE WILD”. No Alaska, no beautiful and lonely landscape here. Just a magnificent villa in which we would have imagined big parties with hundreds of people. But surprisingly, this man is all alone there. And seems happy.

    Do you sometimes prefer animals than humans ? Even in this video, humanity is all aroung with the villa, and music. And the erotism at the and with the swimming pool, as if you were waiting for someone.

    This is the way that I see “Labrador” : lovin loneliness … sometimes.

  20. afan
    afan says:

    So no one knows the name of the last song of the clip?
    I understand that by than all of you get focused on the naked beauty…
    Fran plz since you seems to reply here , can you solve the mystery?

    P.S. my lecture of the video is of a man that say that he can be loyal, scary, lovable and a sexy animal.
    Sometimes you have so sad eyes Fran.

  21. kevin
    kevin says:

    wow. okay people, calm down.

    the first two tracks are la roux 1)in for the kill and 2) colourless colour.

    the last one is a remix of (Huey’s )Pop Lock and Drop It.

  22. steve
    steve says:

    Very. Impressive.

    I hope to see some of this type of thing at the Sydney Mardi Gras arts festival next year – or maybe a performance at the Quick and Dirty fringe festival? We can only hope.

    How often do you go “down under”, Francois?

  23. afan
    afan says:

    sorry to reply here…but i have not found the version of the clip of Pop lock and drop it… serius help needed.
    To get in the topic : i want you Fran (so this reply will not considered spam).

  24. Frank Schober
    Frank Schober says:

    Jo, Kevin many many thx for help… im happy, i found the sagat hits on youtube and put it with the tube converter as mp3 on my laptopp.
    Now i can hear it, so often i would, and in my mind, i see Francois is dancing, while i hear the hot music.
    Thx Kevin, and Thx to Mr. Sagat, for the cool music.
    Its a little bit like the tracks from the movie : Breakfast Club 🙂
    greez #

  25. afan
    afan says:

    The remix version that you used in the clip really rocks…i wish to know the exact title of the song, i am not searching for the video clip.
    Can you tell me wich version you used Fran?
    The plain version of the song is not that great.
    Maybe my poor english didnt help much :/.

  26. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    Super vidéo, super morceaux de musique..
    Comme d’habitude tu es superbe et vraiment artiste…
    Peux tu me dire les titres et les interprétes de tous ces extraits s’il te plait (à part Gossip que je connais deja) ?
    Merci d’avance.

  27. Cristiane
    Cristiane says:

    Mr. Sagat,

    Each offers the heart he has. Yours is amazing.

    Thanks for giving me moments of ecstasy with your art.


  28. clementeparis
    clementeparis says:

    tres bon moment ou l on voyage avec toi!! tres 30 millions d amis mais du faite ke je suis un fan de la roux je dis de la bombe bb

  29. julien
    julien says:

    Excellent les pas de danses ^^, mais surtout la musique que t’as choisis <3
    Et aussi nickel la petite surprise vers la fin de la vidéo o/


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