On the Set with Matthew Rush

On the Set with Matthew Rush


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  1. DAMN, the two of you look so good together….Was there any playing with each other when the camers weren’t rolling…other than making paper airplanes…seems like there could have been based on the mutual admiration society I just saw….One thing I noticed in the trailer for “Full Access” is when you and Matthew were going at it on the mattress you were still wearing your boots and it looked like the laces were still tied…Now having worked in the mainstream film industry would it have been more realistic to be just wearing socks or barefoot when both of you are naked….Now I realize that porn is kinda supposed to be about fantasy, and don’t get me wrong I loved what I saw but unless you were wearing break-away pants that strippers wear why would you get out of your clothes then stop to put your boots back on and tie them up when you’re in the middle of a hot and heavy scene….Just curious.

  2. I cannot wait to see this movie. Two incredibly gorgeous men. Et François, tu es aussi “sexual” et “sensual.” Ou sexuel et sensuel, n’est-ce pas?

  3. Francois, I hope my comment didn’t upset you…I loved the scene with you and Matthew….It was just an observation…My apologies if I upset you.

  4. EJ, boots are part of erotism. Why should it be so curious to wear them on again ?

    François & Matthew seem to be good friends in this video, I don’t get used to see complicity like that, that’s good !