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  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Ah, Francois! That is one of my favorite places in Paris. I don’t think Paris is boring, but then again, I don’t live there. But I wish I did!

  2. Julien
    Julien says:

    Hi François, I tried to help you and looked up how to say “être au bout du rouleau”: “to be at the end of one’s tether”.
    Very nice clip ! Biz

  3. Velio
    Velio says:

    Hi Francois. I´m interested in astrology. And I would like to ask you, what time is your birth. Exact time of birth is very important for a horoscope. And can you confirm your place and date of birth, please?:
    5.6.1979, Cognac (Wikipedia)
    Anybody can thinks anything of astrology, but true is: astrology is science and art.
    I hope my question isn´t unpleasant for you or too much bizzare.
    Have a nice day, Francois.

    P.S.: It´s nice for me, your grand father is Slovakian. Because I´m Czech and we (Czechs) like Slovakians. Slovakians like us too, but less … it´s long story …
    But I MUST SAY, our bilateral relations are very good and correct at the present time.

    Hey Francois! Czech-Slovakian pop idol is starting in autumn 2009. And you sing well. You could try it. What do you think? 🙂

    … and this is for YOU:

    Slovakian singer Katka Knechtova (group Peha) – Spomal (Slowly pleas!):

    and one czech song:

  4. EJ
    EJ says:

    To funny…Cant believe two guys that sexxxy didn’t find anyone to have sex with that night…Francois, I hope you were able to take care of that…If not come to Texas, I’ll fuck you as much as you want…btw, have fun in Rome and good luck with your upcoming projects!

  5. david
    david says:

    Et dire que je suis passé à côté d’une bombe comme toi pour aller voir les petards du 14 juillet..trop injuste

  6. Sergio G.
    Sergio G. says:

    Hi Francois! I can´t bellive that you missed to have sex in Madrid… You had to tell me before…lol
    I saw you in a shop in fuencarral street and I took a pic of you and me (thanks).
    You looks very kind, you surprised me, and i wished to talk to you a little but i didn´t want to disturbe you.
    Thanks for the photo and your time.
    If you are bored you are wellcome to come to canary islnds 😉

  7. EJ
    EJ says:

    Just saw the video of your photo shoot for “Full Access” ans all I have to say is….DAMN, you look delicious!!!!…Do you taste as good as you look????

  8. River1076
    River1076 says:

    Hey! thank you for all this videos… you always make me laugh… keep up the good work!!! and give us some more videos with you telling us about your life there… it’s really interesting!
    Love you.
    PS: I can’t stand children either… lol.

  9. frank
    frank says:

    hi francois
    this clip is very funny…. cause the playing child in the background…. plays and plays, than its gone, and upps, its back… funny….
    and to see that you are outside and lying in grass…. and speak a lot, and that you are so relaxing and that you are a “normal” guy, was nice to see for me…
    thx for this clip.

  10. Chris
    Chris says:

    Mdrr François, t’es commentaires dans la vidéo sont super drole, j’te croise un jour en France (Nice ou Paris) j’te saute dessus ^^ et désolé de demandé, mais qui est ton pote à coté ? c’est un français aussi, parce que si oui il a un super accent et toi trop mignon avec l’accent français 🙂

    bref fan de tes vidéos, c’est cool de pouvoir te suivre comme ça.

    Bises mister =D

  11. thomas
    thomas says:

    youre both bored and youre both horny. i dont know if you realized but you both are quite sexy. eh eh…hook up!

    and lady gaga is the shiz, dont hate. and that kid was quite the little fucker.

  12. EJ
    EJ says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!…..Just saw the blazing hot trailer of “Full Access”…The scenes between you and Matthew Rush looked incredible…can’t wait to see the entire scene between the two of you!!!!

  13. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    Ah ah, je devais être dans le coin en plus !

    I do think that we’re ambivalent with big towns : sometimes we love then, sometimes we hate them. Sometimes we want to leave them the fastest we can, sometimes we’re able to impose or own rythm, not too fast, not too slow.

    Chasing for men, bah t’es à coté François et tu le sais !

  14. nadja
    nadja says:

    sweetly francois what I have to do around chance to agree to see you maybe you think “what wants mad” I am not mad only fastziniert from you and already since 4 years around exactly to be. I am in dezember in paris it is possible to meet you there this would make me very happy maybe what drink together all the same what you want may hauptsache I see you.
    or I book you;-) is no problem for me write back to me please on my email whether does this last feasibly?
    were you never in love? I wish already so long you sometimes is to be seen to me no matter whether bi, gay.homo, hetero what ever is not importan for me! you is only you interest me. I know all your one interview
    all your youtube videos and all your bilder has considered to me already in 1000 sometimes there is meets there I sometimes cannot stop to think at you.
    I write all that you understand myself to you a little better understands and points as importantly for me I am hopes very much you writes to me. big kuss nadja
    this is not for kommentare only for you.


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