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  1. EJ
    EJ says:

    Sagat, if you start doing more mainstream films will you keep the scalp tatoo and cover it with a skull cap or remove the tatoo?…I think the shape of your head is very sexy….both heads

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Francois, you are an artist.

    You should submit that to film festivals, even T.I.F.F.

    The last few seconds felt uncomfortable because I felt like I was peering into your privacy and you were peering back.

    Very interesting.


  3. NoSleep4Sam
    NoSleep4Sam says:

    You’re work just keeps getting better. I like this meditiation on your hotel stay; you’re such a thinker with a great sense of honesty and a candor about the banal. My favorite words? Panic, and Diet Coke.

    DJAMEL says:

    Hi François !!! I’m a big fan and a little bite shy, from France… You are amazing, great, fantastic and much more ! Just want let you know that I adore you !!!! Keep doing what you doing for a long long time…Hope to meet you someday cause I have a lot of questions to ask !!!DJAMEL.

  5. RuPaul
    RuPaul says:

    This video is totally scandalous !!!
    I am a part of the association ” let us save mistreated sofas ” and consider I, please, Mr Sagat that we shall prosecute you!

  6. Brazilian
    Brazilian says:

    No matter what you do but simply your way and your eyes when you smile… I can see a bealtiful soul and a large heart.

  7. thomas
    thomas says:

    Honestly, I just want to hang out and listen to music with you. You have amazing taste and thanks to you i looove The Kills.

  8. Sebastian Melmouth
    Sebastian Melmouth says:

    I have nothing to lay before you……. I have nothing to give you …… I must proffer the sincere obeisance of my soul before your indescribable Beauty.

    All Mortal Flesh Keeps Silence Before You.


    The very sound of it makes the Angels Weep.

  9. Chris
    Chris says:

    You are an exceptional object. I’m always rewarded when I visit your site.

    I don’t mean to be a prick, but I know English is not your first language and you sometimes get words wrong, which can be a distraction for the viewer. I’d be happy to be your copy editor anytime. Or your doormat.


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