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  1. david
    david says:

    Mais ou est cette foret pour découvrir une aussi belle créature…
    Je t ai croisé à paris sans osé t aborder ..et pas dans une tenue aussi sex helas…

    Un admirateur francais

  2. frank
    frank says:

    can anyone help me i dont understand this clip… 😉

    why he always wears mask??? francois your face is beautifull, dont hide it 😉
    and why he runs up and down through the wood? it that for a new foto shoot?

  3. RuPaul
    RuPaul says:

    Je trouve qu’il est tout à fait inadmissible d’exhiber ainsi ses parties génitales dans un bois ! C’est un non-respect total pour l’environnement !!!

  4. sagat francois
    sagat francois says:

    Most of my videos are not made to be understood…I’m just doing them…
    if you dont get them(shitty video or not)…fine….

  5. frankie
    frankie says:

    Beautiful location…love the close-ups of your hiking boots and socks…You even made Christian Bale more laughable!!!

  6. Ste
    Ste says:

    I know that it could seems crazy but..i really wanna know you..please..i’m young,yes but..i follow you since you’ve become famous..please francois..answer me..

  7. frank
    frank says:

    dear francois

    thx for your understatment…
    dont know, that the most videos from you are only for beeing to watched,
    i DONT have said, that i dont like it…. ive said, that i dont understand it
    I like all your videos , you are a beautifull and intiligent man, that the reason, why im on your side…

  8. gary
    gary says:


    you are an excellent performer/artist and I hope you continue the path you want to go to make you always happy.

    xoxoxo – gary

  9. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    Hey francois you are thee most talented pornstar I’ve ever seen you turn me on just by looking at your pictures keep up the excellent work hopefully I’ll be in one of your scenes soon! Melissa

  10. Little Sam
    Little Sam says:

    I heard that u r from a lebanese origin.. like me:) all i want to say is that u r amazing and talented at what u do.. I can’t be prouder of u as a lebanese..
    U definately redefine masculanity to another whole dimension..
    Man, u r amazing!! Keep up the good work 🙂


  11. Duane
    Duane says:

    Juxtapose raw verbal male dominance and an ugly sexual profanity with a visual of gorgeous homoeroticism and a hint of bondage floating in a serene pastoral setting in a state of existentially peaceful arousal. Awesome!!!

    Francois, tu es un artiste extraordinaire!

  12. jstheater
    jstheater says:

    J’aimais beaucoup cette vidéo ci. Tu as transformé l’harangue du Bale en art conceptuel par faire littéral ce qu’on dit qu’il est! 🙂 Beaumec, j’ai envie de te voir sur scène….


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