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  1. Patricio
    Patricio says:

    You and LaBruce together? What a fantastic combination! I love your work, your body and most of your ideas… (well, you can’t have it all, right?)
    Cheers my friend! I like this possibility of leaving you messages!

  2. ricky snz
    ricky snz says:

    your looking hot as always.
    and i see the creativity is still flowing, keep up the amazing work.
    i miss you buddy.
    ricky sinz

  3. Alan
    Alan says:

    Créateur, catégorique et d’inspiration retrò, toujours tu réussis à étonner et réinventer mélangeant les arts,tu es unique,suis très fier de toi!à bientot;)

  4. Bond 007
    Bond 007 says:

    You’re realy freaky cool at this photos and in trailer LA Zombie!
    It must be successful in many thinking countries lol/
    Waiting for delivery dvd of this film.
    Regards for The physical form!

  5. Enrique
    Enrique says:

    F Sagat espesro hayas tenido una fabulosa navidad y que este 2011 se cumplan todos tus planes de trabajo, en el amor y tus planes de vida. Deseo que surgan proyectos de cineinteresantes pues tienes potencialpara sobresalir felicidades parsa ti y los tuyos


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