The Power of Spandex

The Power of Spandex


I arrive in L.A. and find a present waiting for me in my hotel room…


  1. A sexxxy pair of spandex for an incredibly sexxy man. Your body is PERFECTION. I wish I could have been there to help you put them on. Loved to video with you and Matthew Rush making the airplane. Can’t wait to see the film of the two of you in action. I’m sure it will be BLAZING HOT!!!!!!

  2. You continue to amaze and delight with your ability to be just yourself….and your feet are so sexy as well as the rest of your beautiful essence….

  3. Francois,
    You look delicious! (Ignore Kevin’s comment above, you look HOT, HOT, HOT!)

    Are you at a public event this week? Is that what the spandex briefs are for? Maybe I will show up to enjoy the view!

    I met you at my neighborhood Starbuck’s last week here in LA; I figured you were either going to or coming from the airport, otherwise what on earth were you doing in my neck of the woods?? I think I was the only one there who was familiar with your body of work. By the way, four days after you stopped by, our neighborhood gets a 4.7 earthquake!! I wonder if there is a connection.

  4. Francois,
    Will you please post a travel schedule. I need to know if there willever be a chance for me see see you change in and out of different underwear in person.

  5. Yes. Francois is born is Gemlik, a harbor town bordering the Sea of Marmara in Western Turkey, not far from Istanbul…

    We’re really proud of him !!!!!

  6. I was born in France,I’m french,my parents are french,my mother is french catholic,my father is french catholic,my grand parents from my mother are french catholic,my grand mother from my father is french catholic and my grand father from father is french/slovakian born in Bratislava/Slovakia…he is also catholic.
    I was born Catholic and Baptized.(and uncut also).


  7. Thanks for clearing that up sexy…I think I read somewhere that you made an appearance in Saw VI, and that you were wanting to do more mainstream acting. If that’s true maybe you should consider taking a page out of Vin Diesel’s book and write, direct and film something yourself. Then submit it to film festivals.

  8. Bonjour François j’espère que vous allez bien.
    Je tenais simplement à saluer votre “arrogance” corporelle, ou plutôt la façon dont vous avez d’exprimer votre liberté face à votre corps.
    Keep up the good work and above all the Faith.
    Greetings from Geneva.

  9. hi francois

    its a nice look in your personal prvt life. Its very interesting, but very strange too, i like to see you in normal easy clothes.
    Cant wait to see more clips from you. Your new homepage is cool,
    greetings from germany,

  10. Cher François . Je connais trés peu ton parcours , tes films . Je découvre François Sagat . J’aime regarder ton visage, tes yeux , quelle force et quelle douceur aussi… Je me suis surpris à rever de toi . J’espere que ce que tu es en train de vivre n’est que le début d’une grande aventure. Tendrement . Will de paris

  11. Why are those hotel rooms always in white and brown. That’s so depressing !

    Fortunatly, your “Spandex” ( I didn’t know that ) brought magnificient colors in your room. It’s like Superman or Wonder Woman costume ah ah !