French Lessons with François Sagat


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  1. FreakyFetishGuy
    FreakyFetishGuy says:

    Fracois: You are one of the hottest, open-minded men I have ever come across. I love all of your avante-garde video clips and most recently creamed my jeans when I saw your very erotic fetish pics in the May/June issue of Just Us Boys. The corset/gloves/fishnet/whip pic is the stuff my fantasies are made of. I also share the TV fantasy you shared. Keep on keeping it honest and real. AMAZING!

  2. teti
    teti says:

    i prefer that,
    i like those articles, pictures,colors,innocence,artistic stuff,etc.
    i don’t like this website.
    i feel sad the blog was been canceled.

  3. Sami
    Sami says:

    ”C’est quoi ses racines noires qu’elle a? Elle doit surement avoir la chatte toute noire” lol kiffant!! J’apprécie énormément la créativité qui se dégage des différents posts.

  4. teti
    teti says:

    i only realised the blog still “alive”.
    sorry for misunderstanding.
    the blog is bring me a lot of inspirations.

  5. carseatparis
    carseatparis says:

    paris a (enfin) trouvé sa traduction de “motherfucker” et…que y trouve-t-on? ben…l’enculade, bien sûr: enculé de sa mère…

    can’t wait for the next lesson…xo

  6. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    Dis moi, c’est de la totale improvisation là ?

    You know what, you could have wore a magnificient angel mask for this lesson, and keep this diabolic one for a lesson for kindness and love words ah ah

    Moi qui suis français, j’espère que t’as de jolies petites expressions charentaises !

  7. Marco
    Marco says:

    C’était charmant ça François!!
    Continue comme ça j’adore!
    Vu que je fais mes études en Australie en ce moment j’adore donner le même type de leçon de Français!!


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