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  1. MMDD
    MMDD says:

    How anybody can see this clip and still argue that Francois is gay is beyond me. He is very clearly into this woman. I’ve never seen him kiss a guy with this much enthusiasm. His tongue is so far down her throat he’s practically licking her clit. I’ll bet they fucked their brains out afterward.

  2. Jean Cristophe
    Jean Cristophe says:

    The case of francois beeing Bysexual did come up in your mind??And after wards he is an actor his job is to create you an illusion of something. Using trade marks like Straight , Gay , By in our time is so “pas a la mode” He is whatever he wants to be

  3. Modeno
    Modeno says:

    I’m not interested in his personal life. What he does outside of his career is his own business! If he wants to be in a straight relationship and it feels right for him, so be it. He is an awesome xxx actor and certainly deserves fame.

  4. MMDD
    MMDD says:

    My point is Sagat is a liar. In an interview he called himself “200% gay,” then he posted this major suckfest with the blond chick. I realize that no gay performers are truly gay in their personal life–they all love pussy, and I suspect all of them consider themselves to be so far sexually “advanced” that like you, Jean Cristophe, they love switching around their sexualities at the drop of a hat just to be chic–but the point is don’t fucking LIE about who you are when asked. Just tell the truth. If you like both, then admit it and don’t play this stupid game. Again, he kissed this woman with more passion than he’s ever kissed a man before. If he’s bi, that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t fucking lie and call yourself one thing then turn right around and brazenly disown it.

  5. maricochi
    maricochi says:

    He is gay, he only kissed a girl… WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT? Even Katy Perry said: “I kissed a girl, and I liked it”!!

    so… shut up…

    françois is very hot and very gay too!

  6. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    Hell, I’m gay and I once gave a girl such good cunnilingus she squirted 6 feet. (I may be exaggerating) Point is, there is something much deeper than your sexual appetite that makes you a homo/heterosexual. I don’t know what it is, but I just know that I love my husband more than I have any woman, and I would rather suck a dick than lick a clit, but I have an open mind.

  7. Jean-Eudes
    Jean-Eudes says:

    Je ne sais pas si François est bi, mais en tout cas, j’avoue que je serais bien incapable d’embrasser un garçon de la sorte ! En tout cas, moi qui ne connaissais pas notre “French Lover”, j’avoue être impressionné par sa popularité. Bravo François et toutes mes félicitations : tu sembles être un mec bien.


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