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  1. Luiz
    Luiz says:

    Well, I suppose that, being Brazilian, you´d like to know me… hehe… Besides, I have a plus… I´m also a Spanish speaker so I can translate you what you want in this video… Nice site by the way… But, I don´t know… I know it may be weird, but I would like to see personal pics… They are, usually, better than studio ones… Just an opinion… Take care, Sagat…

  2. plezhur
    plezhur says:

    François, I loved this video. Cannot empathize with you but can understand you completely on the toughness of being recognized as sex symbol and an icon. Lol Martin Mazza was there with you talking in Spanish. What I would give to know the two of you guys. i really want to go to Spain alot of self expression in Spain and as well as in all of Europe.

  3. James
    James says:

    You are very weird and interesting, you seem like a smart person, too. I think if you put all your abilities to good use… you could rule the world one day.

  4. Batz
    Batz says:

    You were so great here in Madrid. You’ve personality, erotism et savoir faire. J’espère te voir bientôt par ici. Bisou


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