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  1. Lasgl
    Lasgl says:

    well, i’ve seen weird porn actors but weirds like you never, bravo, you succeded in making me jack off !
    thank you

  2. André
    André says:

    Hi, dear
    you’re pretty beautiful, as always
    and the website is amazin’
    When you came here, in Brazil, don’t forget me
    Big kiss

  3. Duane
    Duane says:

    I just had the pleasure of meeting you at the Ladera Starbucks. You look even sexier in person than on film. Thanks for being down-to-earth and offering your handshake when I spoke to you. You’re a class act.

    Congratuations on your new web site, it looks great!
    Keep up the great work. You’re world-class in your artform.

  4. EJ
    EJ says:

    For a guy who’s really not into porn I have to say I love your site…I really enjoyed this video, very artisitic…I can’t wait to see more of them….Would love to show you some southern Texas hospitality…

  5. dewey
    dewey says:

    i love it! (though i wish the camera person had shown us pussy’s hole winking @ us when he came. haha). love the new site. THANKS!

  6. Cristian
    Cristian says:

    So great!!, can´t stop to see it. Happy bearthday Francois!!!, be happy, hopping the best for you. Come to Chile some day.
    (L) you

  7. Asher Lebeau
    Asher Lebeau says:

    I really like your concept of the “Cat.” I think if you were playing with a ball of yarn, the video would be even better.
    Thank you for being such an incredible artist.

  8. Gregory
    Gregory says:

    Your are truly a work of art. I love your images and videos. They are so out the box and full of creativity and greatness. This “CATT” clip was marvelous how you put yourself into it. I felt like I was watching a mini art film with cool corresponding music. I also really love your Zero magazine layout. I’m a photographer in Los Angeles and I really love what you do. Would love to work with you some day. Keep creating for us.

  9. Marty
    Marty says:

    Le chat érotique des Fleurs du mal…

    Viens,mon beau chat,sur mon coeur amoureux;
    Retiens les griffes de ta patte,
    Et laisses-moi plonger dans tes beaux yeux,
    Mêlés de métal et d’agate.
    Lorsque mes doigts caressent à loisir
    Ta tête et ton dos élastique,
    Et que ma main s’enivre du plaisir
    De palper ton corps électrique,
    Je vois mon amour en esprit. Son regard,
    Comme le tien, aimable bête
    Profond et froid, coupe et fend comme un dard,
    Et,des pieds jusques à la tête,
    Un air subtil, un dangereux parfum
    Nagent autour de son corps brun.

    François: la musique qui accompagne ces images est très belle. C’est d’une extrême sensualité, sauvage et bestial, donc, tout à fait digne de ce grand poème de Baudelaire.


  10. juanes
    juanes says:

    Yo gustosamente lamería todo ese cuerpo me detendría con gran pasión y lujuria en esas nalgas y su lindo pene bebería todo le producto de la gran emosion que provocaría en el hasta embriagarme. eres muy bello Francisco Sagat

  11. K
    K says:

    Jest w Panu jakaś tajeminica. Ciałem operuje Pan jak tworzywem, a myślami jest Pan gdzieś indziej. W porównaniu do innych Pana filmów, w tym najbardziej Pana ciało pojednało się z duszą. Pozdrawiam


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